SInce oil was discovered in the Niger delta region, other tribes such as the Yoruba's and hausa's have taken over, seats at the NNPC and other Oil Firlms are given to outsiders and the main owners of the Oil suffer!
The Niger delta region in Nigeria

I do not bring you greetings. What I have come to do is to make you see how you are being raped and pillaged by your own country men, in connivance with the people who claim to be your leaders.
For over 50 years your resources have been stolen from you using constitutional means that you have never assented to.
Before 1999 derivation was 100% then oil was found in your land, and being minorities, the elites from the majority tribes decided to exploit you without mercy. First they reduced it to 50% in 1960 and then Isaac Adaka Boro stood up to fight it. They locked him up. Then they reduced it to 45% in 1969 because they felt you could not do anything about it. As we have seen with ethnic oppression, it never stops, so they took it down further to 20% in 1975, 1.5% in 1982, 1.0% in 1990. Today what you are given out of your resources is 13% while 87% is commandeered by the elites from the majority tribes because they feel you are weak and cannot fight for what is yours. Is this true? Are you weak?
Isaac Adaka Boro was assassinated towards the end of the war because they knew he wouldn't take it. They knew he wouldn't be alive and continue to watch his people exploited in the most violent and inhumane manner. Ken Saro-Wiwa was murdered in 1995 because they knew he wouldn't take it. Those who murdered both men who were trying to liberate us have gone on to be rewarded by Nigeria even up until recently.
Your land is one of the most polluted in the entire world. You cannot farm well, your rivers are too polluted to fish well. Your rains are now acid rains. Your water in the ground contains benzene that gives you cancer but yet you are not angry? You are walking dead but you are this silent?
Are you a slave?
Your leaders have gone silent and have instead joined your gang rape. They're busy stashing money oversees while you get poorer and poorer. Your hospitals are not even as good as what you have in Abuja. Your roads not as good as what you have in Abuja. Unemployment is at an all-time high. Mobil has its headquarters in Lagos employing family members of the elite and ordinary members of the majority tribes while it's straw sucks out oil from Akwa Ibom, polluting Akwa Ibom and leaving the people to suffer on handouts. Shell has destroyed Ogoni, and same with Oloibiri. And so has other international oil companies working hand in hand with these elites from the majority tribes who run the government.
Nigeria has killed thousands of your kit and kin in Ogoniland, Ibbibio land, Ijaw land, Itsekiri land, Uhrhobo land, and Ikwerre land. But why are you not angry? Why are you not fighting back?
Are you a slave?
The militants who took up arms have taken their share and have abandoned you to your fate. Research says hundreds of thousands of Niger Delta women lose their babies to the effects of pollution, but yet it is just 13% that is being handed to you. Have you seen anyplace where a people are being cheated with such ferocity? Yes I have. It happened in South Africa when the minority whites decided to oppress the majority blacks by taking their land in connivance with some blacks who would rather be on the side of the oppressors of their people as long as they benefit. The ANC and Mandela stopped it. It is repeating itself here with elites from the majority tribes taking your resources for themselves while conniving with your so called leaders. Are you not going to stop it?
They use death to scare you, to prevent you from fighting for your freedom. But what you don't know is that you are already dead. Your future is bleak. The future of your children is bleak. Your very own existence is threatened but you are not bothered?
Elections won't change your fortune. Until we mobilize and stop this oppression, the death of great men like Isaac Boro and Ken Saro-Wiwa will forever be in vain.
Are you slaves Niger Deltans?
Are you not tired?
Are you not angry?

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