Shocking!! Buhari is dead Nigeria is been ruled by a total stranger

After Buhari spent 103 days  in the United Kingdom receiving treatment it was suspected that he was dead after the metro newspaper of the United Kingdom reported the death of president Buhari
buhari& jubril
New buhari and old Buhari

103 dayslater the supposed President Muhammadu Buhari returned to Nigeria now it has been revealed that Buhari is truly dead and was secretly buried in Saudi Arabia and a man named Jubril from Sudan was paid to act like Buhari after undergoing surgery of both the face and the voice to suit that of Buhari but there are some proofs that the person on seat is only paid to act like Buhari

Have you ever pondered on the following?

Why was it reported that rodents took over the president’soffice on his arrival?

Why did okorocha threatened to expose APC if his son-in-law is not made governor of Imo state?

Why would and elegant and well trusted newspaper like the UKmetro carry fake news?

How possible is it for rodents to be found in the president’s office?

Why has the supposed Buhari delayed in his campaign round the states?

Why was so much money spent on his treatment in the UK?

Why did Buhari suddenly become strong?

What secret do you think okorocha has to expose?

If the news of Buhari’s death was wrongly shared on the metro news, the federal government of Nigeria would have gone ahead to sue them.

Once it was announced that the president is returning, the presidential office is meant to be prepared even before his arrival
It was reported that after the surgery and completion of the new Buhari, his fingerprint could not open the door of the president’s office that’s why the presidency reported that rodents has taken over the office of the president’s  and needs to be refurnished this was to rebrand the office to suit the New Buhari
This plan was executed by some few and undisclosed persons but IPOB leader Nnamdi kanu has exposed

Check out some photo proofs below

New buhari& former buhari

fake buhari

Dead Buhari in the UK

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