7 reasons why Atiku can get Nigeria working again

Atiku Speaking

Many Nigerians disbelieve in People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential flag bearer Atiku Abubakar, some Concluding he is very corrupt and some concluding he is just hungry for power and wants to acquire wealth and fame. Atiku may be labelled as a corrupt leader but he may have some good dreams for Nigeria, Below Delta update compiles 7 reasons why Atiku can get Nigeria working again

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  1. Atiku was vice president in 1999-2007 under the government of Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo when Nigeria paid off all their National debt, since then a Nigerian President is yet to do that.
  2. Atiku was head of the Nigerian economy team in 1999-2007 which saw the highest economic growth in Nigeria’s history.
  3. Atiku made mobile phones affordable for 30 million more Nigerians by privatizing the industry.
    Atiku presenting a speech
  4. Atiku is an astute businessman who has provided 50,000 Nigerians with jobs.
  5. Atiku has defended Nigerian constitution and democracy throughout his career.
  6. Atiku is a detribalized patriot who is committed to one Nigeria and in anyway would not succumb to Biafra
  7. Atiku is a bridge builder who can bring the best talents to get Nigeria working again. 
This is not a sponsored post neither a campaign we just bring you the facts

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