Ayade Disappoints as he fails to turn up at Calabar Bikers Parade

Ayade's bike used by another person
Ayade's 2017 scorpion bike 

Ayade disappoints the crowd after promising to turn up with a better Bike
Governor of Cross River state Sen. Ben Ayade disappoints the massive crowd that turned up for the 2018 Calabar Bikers parade as he failed to turn up at the Calabar Bikers parade.
Since 2015 when the digital Governor introduced the Bikers parade he had turned up every year with professional customized bikes leading his group of Bikers while doing the shocki dance which usually amazes and excites the large crowd to see their Governor ride in a stylish Bike.

donald duke turn up at bikers parade
Donald Duke at the event

This year a massive crowd turned up for the event but Ayade disappoints while Former Governor and Founder of the Calabar carnival Mr. Donald Duke lead his group of Bikers with his stylish Bike and a massive crowd cheering him

ayade's car used by another person
Ayade's 2017 

Governor Ben Ayade's last years Bike and car was used by other people 

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