Nigerians React as Buhari claims he isn't jibril

Muhammadu buhari

After much rumours that Buhari was cloned, the president revealed on sunday evening at krakow in Poland that he isn't Jubril saying "This is real me" and not Jubril

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According to him: "this is real me i will soon celebrate my 76th birthday and i will go strong"
"A lot of people had hoped that i died during my ill health i will soon celebrate my seventy sixth birthday, i am strong" 
He described the sponsors of the rumors as ignorant and irreligious
This statement has angered many Nigerians and brought up many questions

Why did Buhari not look Nigerians in the face and tell us he isn't Jubril?

Why Did he not go for the live chat with Nnamdi Kanu to prove he isn't Jubril?

Why did he have to go far away before making the statement? 
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This are some of the countless questions Nigerians have popped up after Buhari declared he isn't Jubril on Sunday Night in Poland  
Check out some angry reactions from Nigerians  below
buhari claims he isn't jubril
buhari claims he isn't jubril
buhari claims he isn't jubril

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